Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) is committed to financial transparency.  The organization adheres to the highest standards of Federal 501(c)(3) charitable laws and guidelines,  as well as to the State of Arizona Department of Revenue statutory requirements.  

Catholic Education Arizona was designed to give priority to low-income students on a need-qualified basis and continues to be one of the only School Tuition Organizations (STO’s)  in Arizona that has never accepted contributions designated (or “recommended”) for individual recipients as determined by Federal law for charitable giving.   Since inception,  CEA has conducted an annual, independent audit. Following the annual audit, the IRS Form 990 is filed.  Both of these documents are available by clicking the links below.  In addition, Catholic Education Arizona continues to voluntarily adhere to a formerly State-mandated “Procedural Audit” (“Agreed Upon Procedures”) for STO’s in order to maintain the highest degree of financial integrity and public accountability.  The FULL financial summary report issued by the State of Arizona, Department of Revenue (ADOR) for ALL School Tuition Organizations for fiscal year ending June 30, 2014 can be viewed by clicking here.

Financial Statements