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Diocesan Payroll Enrollment

//Diocesan Payroll Enrollment
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As a benefit for employees of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, an option is available to make their Private Education Tax Credit contribution to CEA automatically through payroll deduction.
Employees can elect to contribute the amount already being withheld for Arizona state taxes which will not affect their net pay (Option 1), or can elect an amount of their choice up to the limit for the tax year (Option 2).

Recognizing the importance of employee participation, and the potential scholarship funds that can be realized through the support of our employees, the Diocese has given “life event” status to this benefit which gives an employee the ability to enroll in the Payroll Deduction benefit at any time, rather than waiting until the open enrollment period. Employees must re-enroll on an annual basis.

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“It’s very important that the employees of the Diocese of Phoenix give the witness and the good example for everyone else.  It would be wonderful if we could have 100% participation and in this way, assure a good and quality education for all of our children.  Catholic education is forming our Catholic leadership for the future.  Everybody should be involved and concerned about supporting our Catholic schools and all of the efforts of Catholic Education Arizona.  All we are asking is that those tax dollars to get re-directed back to our Catholic Schools.  Everybody can participate!”

~ Bishop Eduardo Nevares

“Employees have a particular role to play in helping people understand that we have a great privilege in Arizona of being able to direct some of our taxes to help Catholic education, to help the future of your young people. I encourage all employees to prayerfully consider not paying more taxes, as it will not cost them anymore at all, but directing some of their tax dollars to go in this way to assist our Catholic faith to be better known, and that our young people can profit by going to a Catholic School.”

~ Bishop Thomas Olmsted