An easy and convenient way to support our Catholic schools “without any reduction in your net pay” is through the Employee Payroll Deduction program. This program, offered by the Diocese, directs state taxes automatically taken out of your paychecks to Catholic Education Arizona instead of to the state. It is so easy!

  • Select the contribution option you prefer. Option #1 is the most popular. Option #1 automatically contributes the amount already being withheld for Arizona State Taxes to CEA.
  • Log into the benefit portal at www.dopbenefits.bswift.com
  • Select “Life Events” on the “welcome” page
  • Select “Other Life Events”
  • Click on “Enroll/Change my Catholic Arizona Education Contribution”

This opportunity is designated a “Life Event”. That means you can enroll at any time all year ‘round. You do not need to wait until “Open Enrollment” in May or November. However, please remember, you must re-enroll every year.

Click here to Enroll Now!