Diocesan Employee Payroll Deduction

Diocesan Employee Payroll Deduction 2018-02-05T21:12:37+00:00


As a benefit for employees of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, an option is available to make their Private Education Tax Credit contribution to CEA automatically through payroll deduction.
Employees can elect to contribute the amount already being withheld for Arizona state taxes which will not affect their net pay (Option 1), or can elect an amount of their choice up to the limit for the tax year (Option 2).

Recognizing the importance of employee participation, and the potential scholarship funds that can be realized through the support of our employees, the Diocese has given “life event” status to this benefit which gives an employee the ability to enroll in the Payroll Deduction benefit at any time, rather than waiting until the open enrollment period. Employees must re-enroll on an annual basis.

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