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How much of my tax liability can I direct to CEA?2018-05-03T21:15:57+00:00

You may direct 100% of your corporate state tax liability to CEA on behalf of our schools. Corporate contributions to School tuition Organizations (STO’s) such as CEA, range from the $5,000 minimum for S-Corps to $15mm or more.

Who determines if a child is eligible for this funding?2018-05-03T21:16:21+00:00

CEA is one of the few STO’s that use an outside firm to vet all tuition scholarship applications we receive. This firm, FAIR, out of St. Paul, MN, reviews and qualifies each application CEA submits in accordance with the poverty guidelines and notifies CEA of all students eligible for scholarship funding.

How is this money used?2018-05-03T21:16:30+00:00

By law, corporate tax credit funds are dedicated exclusively to the tuition needs of children living within the poverty guidelines as determined by state and federal standards.

When is my commitment due?2019-05-07T18:05:53+00:00

We graciously request that commitments be made as soon as possible but no later than June 28th, 2019; keeping in mind that payment is not due until the latter part of July.

What is the Statewide Cap?2019-05-07T18:04:41+00:00

Each year, the State of Arizona limits the total amount of corporate state tax funding that can be used for distribution to private schools. The annual statewide cap for FY20 (2019 Corporate Taxes), cap is now $106,993,207. Corporate tax credit applications are accepted by ADOR until the statewide $106,993,207 tax credit maximum is met.