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Lockard Family

“Thank you again for supporting our family!  It means the world to us!”

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Guntang Family

“Our family would like to appreciate CEA donors for helping us make Catholic education attainable and affordable for our children. It is a wonderful gift our children will cherish.”

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Ramirez Family

“We cannot begin to express to those who have helped make our family’s Catholic education possible how grateful we are for their contributions.”

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Jancoski Family

“If we could thank those who gave the donations I believe that I would honestly cry. They have no idea what impact they are making in my daughters life nor mine. It is really a miracle that she is getting this amazing education and support system from Catholic schools.”

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Pham Family

“Our tax dollars not only help kids to have better education, but also maintain the catholic value for generations to come. I would like to greatly thank all contributors and donors who invest their tax dollars in CEA.”

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Spina Family

“CEA has allowed our family to afford Catholic Education, which is a gift as it forms the whole person spiritually.  At Catholic Schools, our children are learning to recognize beauty and goodness.  We are forever grateful!”

“CEA has helped make my children’s Catholic education more affordable which brings much joy to us all.”
– The Perez Family

Alvarado-Lopez Family

“We hope God keeps blessing you, beginning with health, work, and continues to bless your generous heart to continue helping families like ours.”

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Brown Family

“Without CEA’s assistance, it would not be possible for my daughter to attend Notre Dame Preparatory High School. The CEA support is a blessing we appreciate beyond words.”

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Blanco Family

“I would thank you in person if possible and inform you that you had a part in growing this generation with faith and ethical well-being and passing it forward to future generations.”

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Mazza Family

“As a faithful Catholic family on a tight financial budget with limited funds it would not be an option to send our children to a private Catholic school. To be able to give this gift of a Catholic education to our children is such a blessing for us and we are eternally grateful for this gift!”

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