The Marsee Family children have attended St Timothy Catholic School (Mesa) and Seton Catholic Preparatory (Chandler).

Why was it important that your children attend Catholic schools?

It is our job as parents to help get our children to Heaven. We chose to send our children to Catholic school to help them to get daily exposure and formation in our Catholic faith. A Catholic education allows them to be immersed daily into a Catholic environment, surrounded by great Catholic role models and families, and have more frequent access to the Sacraments. We can be at peace knowing that our children will be educated in an environment that supports and re-enforces what we are teaching them at home.

What aspect of Catholic schools made the greatest impact on you?

Being surrounded by people who share the same beliefs and moral values. It would be hard to go to a school where most kids didn’t believe what we do.
—Student, Marsee family

What would you tell parents who are trying to choose between Catholic education and all of the other options available to them?

While there are many options and choices for Catholic education, without a doubt we believe that choosing to provide our kids with a Catholic education is one of the best decisions we have made as parents. We were hesitant at first – mostly due to the cost. But there are many opportunities to offset the cost with STOs like Catholic Education Arizona, even to the extent of tuition being fully funded for many families. In hindsight, any cost is well worth the foundation in faith that our children have received from their Catholic education.

—The Marsee Family