CEA- Thank you for your donations- Diocese of Phoenix Catholic School Families- Tax Credit

“I have attended catholic school since 1st grade. Without CEA foundation, my mom can’t afford sending me to Saint John Bosco catholic school. I would to to express my deep many thanks to those who put tax dollars in me for the last 8 years. I like to attach my picture that taken in my school.”

“CEA is a window of opportunity to catholic students. Without this foundation, there is no better place to teach our kids the values of faith, dignity, and morality in catholic core. For the last 8 year, my son can not attend catholic school without CEA financial assistance. Our tax dollars not only help kids to have better education, but also maintain the catholic value for generations to come. I would like to greatly thank all contributors and donors who invest their tax dollars in CEA. As we continue to contribute, our children will invest their time in the high value of their faith in Christ that make their life better off as they learn and grow.”

The Pham Family