Saint Maria Goretti Preschool and Kindergarten, founded in 1992, is dedicated to the early development of every student’s life. Teachers, staff, and parish clergy work together to build a spiritual foundation for each child during their younger years to instill life-long confidence and positive moral behavior.

As a part of the Roman Catholic School Community in Arizona, St. Maria Goretti is committed to nurturing lifelong learners through a relationship with the Gospel.

A variety of programs for the early years

Headed by preschool director Kate Strohmeyer, St. Maria Goretti Preschool and Kindergarten serves almost 70 students aged two to five. About 40 students are enrolled in preschool, 20 are enrolled in nursery programs, and nine are enrolled in kindergarten. The average class size is about 12 students to make sure every early learner gets the help and attention they need.

St. Maria Goretti offers a wide variety of programs including:

  • A two-year-old program: This program creates a smooth transition from home to school. Young children can feel comfortable in a school environment and begin developing independence, listening and language skills, and other skills that are important to early introductions to communication and social competencies.
  • A three-year-old program: This program promotes development through play and allows students to demonstrate their creative, physical, cognitive, social, and emotional abilities. Young children will be able to learn and practice their social skills including communication and problem-solving. Teachers also promote positive behavior such as sharing, manners, and taking turns.
  • Preschool/four-year-old program: This program involves improving young children’s communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and independent thinking. Teachers at St. Maria Goretti strive to foster an environment of curiosity, respect, and positive self-esteem.
  • Transitional kindergarten/five-year-old program: This program is taught by an experienced early childhood expert to help young children develop their handwriting, reading skills, letter recognition, and math skills. Students are also taught to practice Catholic values and virtues through relationships with their peers and teachers.

Beneficial Learning Goals for Every Child

St. Maria Goretti students develop social, emotional, and spiritual skills along with hands-on curriculum materials like language, math, science, art, and religion. Students observe and discover

the world around them and prepare for elementary school standards. To support the Catholic education of a student at St. Maria Goretti Preschool and Kindergarten, consider direct your tuition tax credits to Catholic Education Arizona today. Learn more at or call 602 218-6542!