Support Catholic Education Through Arizona Tax Credits

Our Purpose

Through directed state tax credits, our purpose is to provide tuition scholarships to underserved families and students who desire an education at one of the Catholic schools Arizona believes in.


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Students Served

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Catholic Schools Arizona

Better Together

Trusted for over 22 years, Catholic Education Arizona is proud to partner with 37 schools in the Diocese.

Contributions and Donations

Control Where Your Tax Credits Go

Arizona’s private education tax credit empowers individuals and corporations to choose what their tax dollars support and greatly impact Catholic schools. Rather than writing a check to the state of Arizona, you can be one of many to direct your tax credits to the General Fund (serving schools with highest need) or the school(s) of your choice.

Success Stories

The Galia Family

Question #1 for Parent: “How has CEA helped make Catholic education attainable and affordable for your family?  Our son, who is now a high school senior, has been in Catholic school since he was a [...]

The Marsee Family

CEA has contributed to the education of my child by facilitating the easy and user-friendly application, as well as portal, online which makes it simple for me to complete and check.