Become a Corporate Partner with Catholic Education Arizona

Turn your Arizona State Tax Liability into a investment in education and the future of Arizona’s children. It’s the best investment on the planet!

Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) is an IRS-accredited 501c(3) not-for-profit organization. Founded in 1998, the year the Private School Tuition Tax Credit program became law in Arizona, CEA began its mission to provide an affordable Catholic education for Arizona’s children.

The State of Arizona was the first state in the nation to institute the Private School Tuition Tax Credit program. As of 1997, this program has allowed individual Arizona state tax payers to redirect  their state tax liability to qualified School Tuition Organizations (STO’s) such as Catholic Education Arizona (CEA), for the purpose of supporting tuition costs at private schools.  As a result of this program, thousands of Arizona’s disadvantaged children, have received the financial support to be able to attend advanced schools in a stable and safe environment, such as our Diocesan Catholic schools.

In 2006, Corporations became eligible to redirect their AZ state tax liability to private schools.  The rest is history”.

Over 30% of CEA’s tax credit contributions are from corporations doing business in Arizona.  Please join an elite group of businessmen and women who are making an educational difference in the lives of Arizona’s “needs based” children!
How it Works

The following companies can take advantage of this state tax credit opportunity:

  • C-Corporations

  • S-Corporations

  • Insurance Companies

  • LLCs filing as a C-Corp or S-Corp