Over 30% of CEA’s tax credit contributions are from corporations doing business in Arizona. Please join the elite group of businessmen and women who are making an educational difference in the lives of Arizona’s underserved children!

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Turn your Arizona State Tax Liability into an investment in education and the future of Arizona’s children.

Since 2006, The Corporate Tuition Tax Credit allows C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Insurance companies that collect premiums and LLC’s who file their state taxes as a C-Corp or an S-Corp to redirect 100% of their state tax liability to qualified Student Tuition Organizations serving private schools, such as Catholic Education Arizona (CEA). This program is a dollar for dollar credit against taxes owed the state of Arizona. These funds are dedicated exclusively to the support of tuition costs for low income or underserved students.

How it Works

Does my company qualify to direct my state corporate income tax liability or insurance premium tax to a school tuition organization?

Types of companies that qualify:

  • C-Corp
  • S-Corp
  • LLC or PLLC filing as an S-Corp or C-Corp
  • Insurance Companies that collect premiums.

Consult with your CPA regarding your tax structure.

Identify your corporate income tax liability or insurance premium tax to the State of Arizona.

Complete the Corporate Tax Credit Commitment Form and submit to CEA. We submit all applications to the Arizona Department of Revenue when tax credit dollars are available.

CEA will send your form to the Arizona Department of Revenue. Your corporation then has twenty days to make payment to Catholic Education Arizona for their tax credit contribution.

Your corporation lists the credit on the standard 120 form and files a 335 form attached to the return.

Corporate Low Income: $142,113,727 STATEWIDE CAP

Disabled Displaced: $6,000,000 STATE WIDE CAP

Each year, the State of Arizona limits the total amount of corporate state tax funding that can be used for distribution to private schools. Corporate tax credit applications are accepted by ADOR beginning July 1, 2022 until the statewide $142,113,727 Corporate Low Income tax credit maximum is met and the statewide $6,000,000 Disabled Displaced tax credit maximum is met.

Tax Credit Forms

Credit for Corporate Contributions to School Tuition Organizations

Credit for Corporate Contributions to School Tuition Organizations – Distribution to Individual Shareholders of an S Corporation

Credit for Business Contributions by an S Corporation to School Tuition Organizations – Individual