Mission Statement

Catholic Education Arizona strives to provide an affordable Catholic education for Arizona’s children in order to embrace Catholic values, serve society, and transform culture.

Catholic Education Arizona (CEA), proudly, and with great humility, celebrates the 20th Anniversary of our founding this year; 2018. CEA came to life in 1998, and during the past 20 years, has awarded more educational scholarships than any other K-12 program in the state of Arizona.  CEA has granted over 100,000 scholarships totaling in excess of $183 million dollars to help students in need of tuition assistance attend one our 38 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Phoenix.

Arizona parents choose Catholic schools as the educational home for their children for several reasons.  High academic standards, a values-added education, a safe and stable school environment that encourages learning, and their record of scholastic achievements are just a few of the attributes parents are seeking.  When you direct your hard earned tax credit dollars to Catholic Education Arizona, those dollars continue to work hard and get results.

Our Catholic schools graduate 99% of their seniors and 97% of those students continue on to university level studies or enter the military.  Statistics nationwide, indicate that Catholic school students score significantly above the national average on standardized testing and are among the highest recipients of university scholarships. The numbers of young men and women who are the first generation in their family to matriculate to college after attending a Catholic high school are exponentially high when compared with other schools, and growing each year.

Our Catholic schools have much to offer.  The funding they receive from the historical, Private School Tuition Tax Credit program which was voted into law in Arizona in 1997, is stretched to the limit.  This funding is dedicated by law, exclusively,  to tuition needs. We refer to this legislation as historic, because never before 1997, was it possible to use tax dollars to help fund tuition in a Catholic school.  Arizona was the first state in the nation to adopt this measure and 16 states to date, have followed their lead.

We graciously invite you to become a part of this history.  Please join the more than 13,000 contributors who help Catholic Education Arizona make a distinguished academic and spiritually uplifting education available and accessible to as many Arizona students as possible.  Your generosity will allow us to continue our work;  building hearts and minds and preparing our students to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for your caring concern and support for our mission.

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