Option 1: Contribute Online

Your tax credit contribution is a priceless investment in the future of Arizona’s children. Thank you!

Option 2: Mail-in Your Contribution

Credit for Contributions to School Tuition Organizations

Contributor Portal

Returning Contributors

Annual tax credit contributions are made easier through your contributor portal. Here you may view tax credit contribution history, print receipts, receive school updates and more.

How Does it Work?

Take a quick look at last year’s state tax return. If you file Form 140, look at Line 48 to find the amount that you can contribute. If you file Form 140PY, look at Line 58. Still not sure? Visit our website.

For 2022 (through 4/18/23): the limit is $1,243 for single filers and $2,483 for married filers.

For 2023 (through 4/15/24): the limits is $1307 for single filers and $2,609 for married filers.

Designate the General Scholarship Fund serving our schools with highest unmet need, or select the school(s) of your choice.

To contribute:

  • If you contribute online through the CEA website, a tax receipt will be emailed to you immediately upon confirmation of your tax credit contribution or you are able to print your tax receipt upon successful completion of your contribution. It may be necessary to check your “spam” folder or call the CEA office if your receipt doesn’t arrive via email.
  • If you make your tax credit contribution by phone, a tax receipt will be emailed or mailed to you, per your request, and if by mail, your receipt will be mailed.

Please present your tax credit receipt to your tax preparer as proof of tax payment to CEA.

If you file taxes without assistance from a tax preparer, a reminder that Tax Forms 323 Original” and possibly Tax Form 348 “Overflow/Switcher” will need to be completed.  Both forms are conveniently available on our website in English and Spanish.

Create a Tax Year 2023 Contribution Schedule through Scheduled Pay!

Scheduling your tax credit contribution to Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) over several months makes it easy to take your tax credit for our Catholic schools. If making smaller payments suits your budget, here’s how you can make monthly or bi-monthly contributions through Scheduled Pay!

  1. Please click the “Create a Tax Year 2023 Contribution Schedule through Scheduled Pay!” link to begin your scheduled contributions through December 31, 2023 for Tax Year 2023.
  2. You will be prompted to register in the CEA Contributor Portal.
  3. Choose the amount you would like to contribute each month and select the day of the month most convenient for you.

Need help? No problem. Please call Catholic Education Arizona at (602) 218-6542 to set up monthly contributions over the telephone.

Diocesan Employee Payroll Deduction Benefit

As an employee of the Diocese of Phoenix, you can support our Catholic schools “without any reduction in your net pay” through the Employee Payroll Deduction benefit. Offered by the Diocese, this benefit directs state taxes already being withdrawn from your paychecks to Catholic Education Arizona instead of to the state of Arizona.

  1. Select the contribution option you prefer. Option #1 automatically contributes the amount already being withheld for Arizona State Taxes to CEA resulting in NO CHANGE to your net pay!
  2. Log into the benefit portal at
  3. Select “Life Events” on the “welcome” page
  4. Select “Other Life Events”
  5. Click on “Enroll/Change my Catholic Arizona Education Contribution”

This opportunity is designated a “Life Event,” meaning you can enroll at any time all year ‘round. You do not need to wait until “Open Enrollment” in May or November. You must re-enroll every year.