• Our schools graduate 99% of their students. 97% of these graduates go on to either post-secondary education or enter military service. Statistics indicate college educated adults contribute an estimated $660,000 to the economy of Arizona throughout their lifetime.
  • Catholic schools are ranked #1 in the percentage of graduates who actively participate in civic and community activities, such as charitable giving, voting, volunteering, etc.
  • Catholic schools have and promote community service programs from kindergarten through 12th grade because they believe we all have a responsibility to respond to the needs of others.
  • Catholic schools advocate a culture of community rather than govern as a bureaucracy. They are places where students find meaning through relationships which are nourished by the curriculum and life within the school.

  • Students do better, even those struggling academically, in Catholic schools. There is a certain dynamic at work in the culture of these schools, which has the potential to develop the best in students.

  • Catholic schools foster independent and critical thinking skills, while employing some of the most advanced disciplines in the computer sciences and fine arts departments.

  • Extended family relationships are nourished when children attend Catholic schools, no matter what their faith foundation may be. Communities and businesses are well served by a loyal, well-educated and dedicated work force.

  • The word “catholic” was first used to describe the church to emphasize its universal scope. Our schools carry out this mission by serving all faiths and cultures. All are welcome and cared for without prejudice. Our schools serve the Native American, Asian/Pacific Islander, African American, Multi-racial, Caucasian and Hispanic ethnicities and more.

  • The numbers of young men and women who are the first generation in their family to matriculate to college after attending a Catholic high school are exponentially high when compared with other schools, and growing each year.

  • Catholic school graduates rate among some of the highest scholarship recipients for colleges and Universities because of their scholastic grade point averages.

We have much to shout about. But our Catholic education needs are great and continue to grow each year. The Student Tuition Tax Credit is a source of great importance for the children and families we serve. Each and every dollar received is hard at work building hearts, minds and souls and making life better for each child and family, and the community.

On behalf of all the children you help today, Thank You!