PHOENIX, AZ (February 2, 2022) – National Catholic Schools Week is the annual celebration of Catholic Education in the United States. It commences on Sunday, January 30, 2022 and concludes on Sunday, February 5, 2022. The theme this week is faith, excellence and service. The week provides the opportunity for Catholic schools to display their appreciation for their students, families, parishioners, and community members while showcasing their programs to potential families.

Who does Catholic Education Arizona Serve?

  • 37 schools within the Diocese of Phoenix
  • St. Michael’s Indian School
  • Boys Hope Girls Hope of Arizona

Nancy Padberg, MBA President and CEO shared, “Our organization helps create future leaders through education and Arizona tax credits. Catholic Education Arizona partners with Arizona corporate and individual taxpayers to make private education affordable and accessible. As a certified School Tuition Organization, we offer taxpayers the opportunity to help change lives. Arizona legislation allows individuals and corporations to direct their tax dollars as tuition scholarships to families with demonstrated need.”

Who can participate?

Corporate partners filing as S or C Corp, LLCs & PLLCs filing as an S Corp, and insurance companies collecting premiums can direct up to 100% of their state tax liability as Low Income and Disabled/Displaced corporate tax credits through CEA. CEA partners with companies such as APS, Camelot Homes, Cigna, Grand Canyon University, Earnhardt Auto Centers as well as many other smaller firms.

Deb Preach, Chief Development Officer of CEA, sent her 4 children through 12 years of Catholic education in Arizona. She encourages families to learn about and support Arizona tax credit participation. “At Catholic Education Arizona, we believe Catholic education is a right for all families that desire it and want families to know if they believe a Catholic school is the best option for their children, and cost is a concern, we are here to help. Tax credit scholarships are truly a gift.”

Catholic Education Arizona is the largest provider of scholarships to underserved families attending private schools. Last year $18.3 million in tax credit donations was made to assist over 45% of Arizona’s Catholic school students. Since 1998, over $288 million has been raised to benefit students in the Catholic schools in the Diocese of Phoenix and 143,000 scholarships have been awarded.

Contact: Debra Preach, Chief Development Officer
Catholic Education Arizona
(602) 218-6542