Happy Easter!

Easter brings God’s endless blessings and fills us with the hopefulness for new beginnings. The same can be said for our students and their families as they prepare for the school year ahead. Scholarship season is upon us, and I have the pleasure of assisting families with their scholarship applications, to help them make their children’s Catholic education accessible and affordable. Nothing brings me greater joy than hearing from a family whose dream of Catholic education has become a reality!

Arizona’s School Choice Legislation gives parents the opportunity to choose the education that best meets their child’s unique needs, without cost being an issue. If you have a chance, check out our School Choice Podcast to learn more. Thank you to Kim Kirschner from the Institute for Better Education for joining me.

May 17th will be here before we know it! Have you claimed your Arizona Private Education Tax Credit yet? If so, we thank you and hope you will consider taking advantage of our Scheduled Pay plan for your 2021 tax credit or request the Arizona A4-C Form from your employer for automatic payroll deduction. If not, THERE’S STILL TIME! Click, Call or Mail In today. Together, we will continue to change lives, one scholarship at a time.

May the miracle of Easter bring you and yours renewed hope, faith, love and joy!