March brings hope. It brings hope for the Spring to be in the air soon, hope that the pandemic will finally not be the only topic we hear about each day, and hope that our faith will be renewed by the Resurrection of our Lord in the weeks to come.

At Catholic Education Arizona, our hope is for the thousands of children desiring a Catholic education, who have yet to be able to receive one, to do so in the upcoming school year. Through our marketing efforts, we have reached out to thousands of taxpayers with the information and resources needed to change a life through their tax credit dollars.

We have not let the restrictions of the pandemic keep us down. We have embraced technology and developed over 30 marketing programs to deliver our message. Don’t be surprised if you see an ad on your phone, on your desktop, in your mailbox, and at your parish in the near future. Our multiple-touch approach has been highly effective this year, and we aren’t finished yet. You may have seen our full-page ad in the Arizona Republic recently or on-line at Our Diocesan affiliates partnered for this project, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Of course, we haven’t forgotten the televised Mass or streamed Masses, where our video will be playing from now through April 15th.

Help us spread the word! Through a simple, dollar-for-dollar tax credit, dreams will become realities, families will be stronger and more faithful, and our community more vibrant than ever before. Give me a call. I look forward to speaking with you, as working together we will continue to change lives, one scholarship at a time.


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