Fall is here – or is it? Mornings are cool and fall décor is everywhere, but afternoon highs are deceptive! I’ll take the beautiful mornings for now, knowing it will only get better as the season goes on, and appreciate the many reasons I call Arizona home.

Arizona has many wonderful things to offer its residents besides the weather (even the summer😊).
Our state recognizes the right for parents to be able to choose the educational opportunity that best meets their child’s unique needs, regardless of their household income. In 1997, the Arizona Individual Private Education Tax Credit launched as a method to help fund education for those in need, providing a tax benefit for Arizona taxpayers.

Our organization is charged with educating our Arizona taxpayers on this important legislation and has led the state in funds raised for many years. In fact, the most recent ADOR Annual report ranks CEA as #1 in total revenue collected since inception. As years go on, the need of our families continues to increase, making our work crucial in helping sustain our church and its largest ministry, Catholic education.

We have completed a variety of marketing projects, and are pleased to let you know what is coming ahead:

  • Our 2nd round of scholarship awards have been granted and parents notified that CEA has decreased their tuition burden
  • Over 14,000 loyal contributors have been sent their renewal mailing to make the contribution process convenient
  • Look in our parish bulletins for announcements from CEA for the 2020 Tax Credit season and highlights of our work
  • Marketing material has been sent to parishes and schools throughout the Diocese of Phoenix to help promote the tax credit
  • This Newsletter is now reaching over 22,000 individuals each month, and we appreciate the wonderful feedback from our readers!
  • The Don Farmer Tax Conference and Federal Tax Conference are events we are proud to sponsor in an effort to provide tax credit education to our CPA and Financial professionals
  • Marketing Partnerships have been formed with several of our schools to co-promote quality Catholic education and how to make it affordable
  • Social Media campaigns have been offered to schools so that they can promote an event of their choice at no cost to them
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media strategy topics were presented to the Development personnel in the diocese
  • Our podcasts are posting bi-weekly as well as our Corporate Webinars, check them out!

As we move into the last quarter of the calendar year, may we all appreciate the blessings bestowed upon us, and work together for the greater good!