Featuring Anne Walter, MD

Why do you partner with Catholic Education Arizona?

We believe that Catholic Schools consistently offer a high level of academic excellence infused with strong values in a supportive environment. My husband and business partner was a product of Catholic education. Unfortunately, he and his brothers were unable to complete their entire education in the Catholic school system due to financial constraints. Every child deserves access to quality education regardless of their family’s financial situation. Partnering with CEA allows us to do our part in helping other families access this education regardless of the size of their bank account.

What impact did Catholic education have on your life and career goals?

My husband attributes much of his work ethic and dedication to community service to his Catholic upbringing. Throughout the process of founding a medical practice, having a child, and juggling work and homelife, Keith has kept us involved with service organizations and remembering to give back to the community.

What sets your business apart from other similar businesses in our community?

Much like with education, the setting in which you receive your health care matters. We strive to provide the highest quality dermatologic care in a family oriented, friendly boutique style practice. We are persistent and committed to achieving the desired result for each patient and believe the small practice setting is the best way to deliver such care.