Featuring Paul Messinger

Why does Messinger Mortuaries partner with Catholic Education Arizona and what makes them unique in their business and community?

Messinger Mortuaries chooses to partner with Catholic Education Arizona because owner Paul Messinger is a longtime active member with his parish, Our Lady of Perpetual Help Scottsdale, and has developed many relationships and memories over the years with priests and bishops.

Messinger Mortuaries has been in business since 1959.  Messinger Mortuaries is family-owned and operated and deeply committed to the satisfaction of taking care of one family at a time. Messinger prides themselves on providing extra services and support and doing whatever they can to make a painful time more bearable, including financial help if needed. Dedication to families has made Messinger one of the most respected funeral homes in Arizona. At Messinger’s there is a difference and that sets them apart.

Getting to know Paul Messinger of Messinger Mortuaries:

Paul Messinger of Messinger Mortuaries has been serving Arizona families for over 65 years. A transplant from Grand Rapids, Michigan in 1942, Paul was educated at Scottsdale High School, Phoenix College, ASU, and San Francisco School of Mortuary Science. Paul is proud of the accomplishments of his father, who was an attorney that argued a number of significant civil rights cases.

One of Paul’s professional mentors, of whom he has fond memories, was Bill Murphy of Whitney & Murphy Funeral Home. Paul and his wife Cora (d. January 2020) were married for 70 years but lived a wonderful and simple life together. Some of Paul’s favorite memories with his wife are of their travels around the world to over 60 countries.

Paul sees himself as a people person. He was heavily involved in local politics in the 70’s and 80’s, but his work with families through Messinger Mortuaries has been deeply rewarding. In mortuary work, Paul has worked with every type of person—the rich the poor, every race and ethnicity, the famous and powerful as well as regular people who make up the community.

Being a funeral director, Paul has a special perspective on life. Life is short, and it must be enjoyed. Life is filled with ups and downs, and no one escapes grief. It is important to embrace life and keep moving forward.

Paul published a book called Scottsdale Memories about his life, work, family, and local history. At the age of 91, Paul still goes to work!