Featuring Anthony Sarandrea, Founder of Siteflood

Why do you partner with Catholic Education Arizona?

To give back to my alma mater and hopefully make the difference in the education of high schoolers to get the same educational experience I was able to receive. I’m so grateful for everything the NDP community did for me that helped allow me to be the individual I have become today.

What impact did Catholic education have on your life and career goals?

Catholic education has had a massive impact on my success. Specifically having faith in the possibilities to grow the company to this level even at young age or against any perceived roadblocks. Additionally, having faith being so strongly a part of my identity, God has allowed me to move past any fear that the world throws at you when it comes to living God’s full plan both professionally and personally. For us this plan is growing small/medium size business so they can stimulate the economy, provide jobs, etc.

What sets your business apart from other similar businesses in our community?

We are a Christian based marketing company that helps small/medium size business drive more customers online. We spend millions of dollars a month profitably for local/national/worldwide brands.