Dear Friends,

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day! Saint Valentine was a 3rd-Century Roman Saint commemorated in Christianity on February 14 and has been associated with courtly love. We are filled with another kind of love, love for one another, as we continue to lift others out of despair, loneliness, lack of education or opportunity. Thank you to our sister organizations in the Diocese of Phoenix who assist so many in our community, here are brief definitions of each:

  • Catholic Education Arizona – our organization accepts Arizona Private Education, Low-Income Corporate, and Disabled/Displaced Tax Credits. Individuals and Companies can contribute, providing tuition scholarships to underserved children.
  • Foundation for Senior Living – providing housing and social services to elders and individuals with disabilities without regard to race, religion or social status.
  • St. Vincent de Paul – Feed, clothe, house and heal.
  • Catholic Charities – Twenty-six programs helping homeless, veterans, foster children +
  • Catholic Community Foundation – Donor advised funds, endowments, charitable gift annuities.
  • Catholic Cemeteries & Funeral Homes – Providing your family peace of mind.
  • CDA-Charity and Development Appeal raises funds so that more than 70 community and charitable organizations are able to provide hands-on help for seniors, the homeless, those who have lost jobs, women who have been abused, and families in crisis.

Remember the Individual Tax Credit deadline is April 15th for Tax Year 2020.  You can contribute on-line, by mail or by phone.  Find more information here.

The low-income Arizona Corporate Tax Credit and Disabled and Displaced Tax Credit deadline is June 30. If you own or work at a business please call our Corporate Manager, Chris Lorello 602-218-6542.

You don’t want to miss our new short animated video explaining our Individual Tax Contribution. See video here.

We are blessed to be surrounded by your generosity and excited to make a difference in lives with our various marketing programs, whether speaking at our parishes, school STO nights, digital marketing campaigns, direct mail campaigns, public relations, social media, school partnerships or corporate breakfasts!

Thank you for your Arizona Tax Credit contribution and for talking to at least one person this month for their individual or corporate contribution. We appreciate you!

God Bless,