Dear Friends,

Happy New Year! Wishing our Catholic Education Arizona community a blessed year filled with abundant health, faith and love. Let last year be our teacher and our coming year be filled with hope.

I approach each day with opportunity in mind. The word opportunity comes from a Latin phrase “ob portum veniens,” which literally translates to coming toward a port. It suggests that the sea, winds, and shore have become favorable to make it to port.

We have had favorable winds for the Arizona Low Income Corporate Tax Credit contributions, for this we are grateful. Thank you to our corporate partners that are making a difference in our community! Please note, there is still $8.9 million available to claim.

We turn our attention to the Individual Tax Credit season now through April 15, 2021. Reminder for 2020 contributions, the maximum credit for single filers is $1,183 and $2,365 for joint filers.

See our Future Leaders in this short video:
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Thank you for helping us change lives one scholarship at a time!

God Bless, Nancy

Matthew 19:26: “…but with God all things are possible.”