Dear Friends,

We are excited November is here. It’s getting cooler in the desert and we are experiencing spectacular, colorful sunsets. It’s also a time of reflection and gratitude. My reflection makes me think of building and lifting others.

Here at Catholic Education Arizona, we are builders.

We help build students to become faith filled disciples and future leaders through a Catholic education.

We help build families by creating considerate, caring and educated students.

We help build communities by creating an engaged and educated work force.

With our contributors, stakeholders, Board of Directors and associates we build together.

Help us build – we just learned there is $20 million of Arizona Low Income Corporate and $600,000 of Disabled/Displaced Corporate Tax Credits available to claim for 2020. This is an incredible opportunity to make a positive difference in children’s lives, families and communities! Learn more in the link below.

Upcoming important events:

Join us for 30 minutes “Creating Future Leaders through Arizona Corporate Tax Credits”

  • Thursday, November 12 at 11:00 a.m. via Zoom
  • Zoom Link with Meeting ID: 262 048 672

Join us for the Night of Hope event to raise emergency funds for Catholic school students

  • Thursday, November 12 at 6:00 pm (virtual event)
  • Register for Night of Hope: Register Here

For over 23 years we have built many future leaders through our 138,000 scholarships awarded! Learn more in our podcasts, webinars and stories below. We appreciate you as a friend and contributor.

Have a healthy, happy and safe Thanksgiving!

God Bless,