Name, Catholic School(s) attended, years graduated: Alexia Flores, Saint Jerome Catholic School (2014),  Bourgade Catholic High School (2018), Saint Mary’s College (2022)

Background: I am a second generation Mexican-American who comes from a very large, loud, and loving family of eight. I attended public school up until grade 5 where I then transferred to Saint Jerome Catholic School. Although the beginning of this transition was difficult, as I was not accustomed to the curriculum, it began to become easier as I relied on my teachers, friends, and family. Throughout my time spent at Bourgade Catholic High School I participated in various activities such as belonging to the Student Ambassadors club where we hosted prospective students, along with playing varsity softball throughout my four years there. Once I graduated from Bourgade, I decided to continue my catholic education at Saint Mary’s College. I am currently residing in Chicago, Illinois and will begin working for Chicago Public Schools this fall.

What impact did Catholic schools have on you? Catholic schools provided me with wonderful relationships that will last a lifetime. Throughout my time in middle school and high school, I was blessed with wonderful educators who were able to impart both academic wisdom and social wisdom. Having these strong connections with my teachers, led to me pursuing the academic career I did.

Accomplishments: After graduating from Bourgade, I went on to receive my Bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Saint Mary’s College. During my time at Saint Mary’s I was fortunate enough to be recognized as an Outstanding Future Educator by the Indiana Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. In addition to this, I also presented at the Indiana Council of Teachers of English Conference my senior year at Saint Mary’s.

Future Plans: I will be working as an advocate for students living in temporary living situations for the Chicago Public School District at McCutcheon Elementary.