Pandemic Inspires Creativity, Flexibility for Schools to Show Love for ’20 Graduates

2020-05-12T11:58:37-07:00May 12th, 2020|Articles|

The month of May is normally a time of celebrations, devotions to Mary, class trips, retreats, grand farewells, Baccalaureate masses, and graduation ceremonies.  May of 2020, however, will live in our memories as that one time we did things differently. Schools have become creative this spring in their approaches to [...]

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, Where Students Thrive

2020-04-30T11:35:42-07:00April 30th, 2020|Articles, Catholic Schools|

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School is a Roman Catholic Elementary School dedicated to building a school community in which students can thrive socially, spiritually, and academically. Our Lady of Mount Carmel offers students a comprehensive curriculum emphasizing reading, writing, math, spelling, science, and social studies while celebrating religious traditions [...]

Notre Dame Preparatory High School: Developing Strong Character

2020-04-28T11:29:17-07:00April 28th, 2020|Articles|

Notre Dame Preparatory High School is a Diocesan Catholic high school dedicated to the academic excellence of students through shared values. Notre Dame offers students learning opportunities to develop spiritually and academically to provide the highest quality Catholic high school experience possible. By creating a culture of active participation in [...]

St. Agnes Catholic School: Honoring Tradition with Modern Excellence

2020-04-28T11:28:26-07:00April 28th, 2020|Articles|

St. Agnes Catholic School is a Roman Catholic school for students in preschool through grade 8. The school aims to deeply instill Christian virtues, strong academic skills, and community values and aims to send all students to college and heaven. Established in 1943, the school originally enrolled 72 students. That [...]

Corporate News — the Law Office of Kristin Gentile White, PC

2020-04-07T16:01:31-07:00April 7th, 2020|Articles|

Background on The Law Office of Kristin Gentile White, PC Kristin Gentile White has been a successful practicing Attorney in Arizona since 1996, currently leading The Law Office of Kristin Gentile White, PC.  In her practice she assists business owners and families in planning their estates, protecting assets, and minimizing [...]