Associate News — Colleen McCoy-Cejka, Director of Strategic Partnerships

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I came to Catholic Education Arizona in July of 2019 as Director of Strategic Partnerships after 20+ years of service to Catholic schools.  Moving from school administration to marketing and strategic communications for CEA is a deeper dive into an area of educational administration that I have come to learn [...]

Testimonial — The Melina Family from Sts. Simon and Jude

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Question 1: As a parent, how has CEA helped make Catholic education attainable and affordable for your family? “With the help of CEA the cost of Catholic Education tuition is affordable for our family.  Catholic education is and can be affordable though the generous tax contributions of Arizona families. Without the help [...]

Corporate News — Meritage Homes Cares! $75,000 in Corporate Tax Contributions

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Pictured: Xavier College Prep students pictured with Colleen McCoy-Cejka, (Director at CEA), Sister Joanie Nuckols (XCP Principal), Tim White (VP of Meritage Homes), Caitlin Wooten (Finance Manager at CEA), and Sister Joan Fitzgerald (XCP President). Why did your corporation decide to work with CEA through the Low-Income Corporate Tax Credit? [...]

Our Year In Review — Celebrating the Past, Honoring the Present, and Looking Forward to the Future

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2019 provided a year of celebration as the Diocese of Phoenix reached the milestone of 50 years of service to its faithful.  A variety of events were held to commemorate this historic event. In alignment with our Mission, CEA presented a $50,000 gift through the Annual Crozier Gala to support [...]

Associate News — Deb Preach, Chief Development Officer

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Deb Preach, Chief Development Officer “I am starting my fourth year with Catholic Education Arizona and currently serve as the Chief Development Officer and School Liaison.  My role includes all things scholarship related, FAIR administration, Marketing and Development administration, Corporate Acquisition and retention, Sponsorships, School and Diocese Relationships, HR / [...]

Corporate News — Earnhardt Generosity is No Bull!

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Why did your corporation decide to work with CEA through the Low-Income Corporate Tax Credit? “We researched the various ‘STOs’ and received some external referrals. CEAZ really stood out. We were happy with what we learned and moved forward with them [CEAZ]. It gives us a great opportunity to make available this [...]

Advent, A Time to Prepare

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As we begin the Advent season, the Development and Marketing Team has been preparing and communicating through a variety of channels about the importance of taking the AZ Private Education Tax Credit.  We find ourselves explaining the benefits of taking the credit daily on the phone, in our parishes and [...]