Turn Your Tax Dollars into Future Leaders with Payroll Deduction or Scheduled Pay

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At Catholic Education Arizona, we change lives one scholarship at a time. We've been helping families obtain a quality Catholic education for 24 years, thanks to generous supporters of the Arizona Tax Credits in our community. Nationally, approximately 2 million children attended Catholic schools in 2016 and were able to [...]

Five Famous Catholic School Graduates

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Catholic Education provides students with a strong foundation, instilling   moral character, a spiritual worldview, and leadership skills. Approximately 10% of Catholic teenagers attend a Catholic school, and many have gone on to become celebrities, athletes, famous musicians, and influential politicians throughout the years. Listed below are five graduates of Catholic [...]

Construction Projects Breathe New Life into St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School and Seton Catholic Prep Campuses

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Catholic schools thrive on tradition and take pride in their rich history. However, when the opportunity to update or even replace the “historic” parts of campus arises, school communities are filled with joy. Updated classrooms, high-speed internet, new infrastructure, and modern architecture are welcomed each summer on school campuses in [...]

CDO Update: August 2021

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Back to School is upon us! Having grown children and working in this industry brings back fond memories of all things back-to-school! The uniform purchases, supply shopping and book covering (which really dates me!) were always met with excitement and anticipation for a year filled with possibility. I’ve been reminded [...]

CDO Update: July 2021

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work The new year is upon us, heat and all!  We have been busy acquiring both individual and corporate new tax credit contributors, appreciating our loyal contributors for their continued support, and marketing to the community at large to spread the message of our important work.  [...]

Corporate Tax Credit Application Deadline: June 30, 2021

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While many businesses dread any work that has to do with taxes, the Low Income and Disabled/Displaced Corporate Tuition Tax Credits give them an opportunity to positively impact the education of Arizona’s underserved children. Catholic Education Arizona (CEA) is one of the certified School Tuition Organizations (STO’s) by the Arizona [...]