After graduating from St. Mary’s Catholic High School in 1992 I went on scholarship to play football at Mesa Community College for two years and then finished my career at Western New Mexico University.

I completed my BS in secondary education with a minor in social studies and my Interdisciplinary MA in Political Science, Psychology, and History at WNMU in 1999.

Upon graduation, I was offered a teaching and coaching position at St. Mary’s which I accepted. I spent eleven years in the Diocese of Phoenix serving nine years at SMHS and two years at Notre Dame Prep. In 2010 my family moved to Draper Utah where I am currently the Dean of Students at Juan Diego Catholic High School which resides in the Diocese of Salt Lake.


I always tell people that the greatest gift my parents ever gave me was a Catholic education. One of the earliest memories I have as a young child was the promise from my parents that my sister and I will always attend Catholic school no matter what. At the time I did not understand what that meant financially but looking back and knowing what I know now it was a major commitment by my parents. They were true to their word and we spent all twelve years prior to college in Catholic schools in the face of great financial adversity. I have spent the last 24 years paying that commitment forward at three different Catholic high schools.


When I think of my accomplishments in education it is much more different than coaching. In coaching, I can say I have five state championships and twelve region titles but the educational side is different. In regards to education, I could start by rattling off promotions and moving up the professional ladder but I think educational success is articulated differently. My accomplishments can be gauged by the interactions I have today in person and on social media with former students and their families. The feeling I get when a former student visits me or sends a message on social media telling me they just completed their master’s degree in psychology and I am the reason why they did it never gets old. This is just one example of the many interactions that define my accomplishments as a teacher and administrator. It is a feeling that makes all the tough days feel worthwhile.


In terms of my future in education, I am currently five classes away from completing a second master’s degree in educational administration. Once I am finished with that, I hope to continue moving up professionally in other administrative roles and diversifying my resume while serving Catholic schools and their respective communities.