How long have you been on the CEA Board?

“I have served on the CEA board for two terms and am completing my 6th year. I have served as chair for the past three years.”

Why is CEA important to Catholic schools?

“My husband John and I have been married for 26 years and have 5 children. When Max began as a kindergartener at St. Thomas the Apostle in 2004, we immediately loved the deep sense of community. Both of our fathers were teachers and administrators and they recognized the talent and love that the educators brought to their work. For the professionals in our Catholic schools, it is their vocation. We have now graduated Max, Bennett and Maren from St. Thomas and our twins, Audrey and Mason, are in the 6th grade. We feel that Catholic education transformed our family from celebrating our faith on Sunday to something we encountered and celebrated every day. I became very motivated to help other families provide a Catholic education for their children.”

Why is CEA important to families?

“CEA is the most trusted partner for families and schools. Families and principals rely on our funding and they know we will work with them and for them. We operate at a lower overhead than many STOs and our money is always mission-driven so we support Night of Hope, Crozier and our schools.”

Why is Catholic Education Arizona important to you?

“I want every parent to be able to send their child to Catholic school, if that is their desire. My mother, Marti Sezate Soza is a graduate from Queen of Peace in Mesa. My grandparents received help from their pastor to send their 8 children. How grateful I am that they all received a quality education. I want that opportunity for every parent and every child.”

What would you like to see CEA accomplish and who can help make that happen?

“Together we have the potential to help all families afford a Catholic education. If we follow the teachings of the church, and help those in need first, we have the potential to raise enough scholarships to help all families.”