Meet Robert “Bob” Venberg: CEA Board Member for 4 Years

Why is CEA important to families?

“I believe that CEA truly is a vital link that helps families bridge the ever-widening gap between a family’s heartfelt desire to provide a high quality, faith-based education for their children and the stark reality of limited resources.”

Why is CEA important to Catholic schools?

“Our Catholic schools do such an amazing job of educating the whole child in a loving and nurturing environment.  However, our schools cannot effectively accomplish that mission without the financial resources that student tuition brings in.  I believe CEA is a very important link to assist families with limited resources pay for their child’s tuition, which in turn helps provide our schools with the critical funds that they need to continue to operate.”

Why is CEA important to you?

“I am passionate about helping others, particularly helping young people to change the trajectory of their life.  I have seen first-hand how the high-quality education that our Catholic schools provide has made profound changes in children’s lives. CEA is a critical link that provides funding to families to help pay for their children to attend Catholic schools.”

What would you like to see CEA accomplish and who can help make that happen?

“Our community, as well as the entire world, is currently facing a pandemic on a scale that we have never seen on our lifetime.  We are just beginning to see the devastating financial impact that it is having on so many people.  I would love to see CEA have the necessary funds to provide assistance to all families that are in need to continue to have their children attend Catholic schools.  Unfortunately, reaching that goal is not possible without more people taking advantage of the Arizona tuition tax credit.  I pray that more Arizona taxpayers can see it in their heart to designate CEA as a beneficiary of their Arizona tuition tax credit.”