Real change isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s brought on by the tireless efforts of those on the ground floor in communities, meeting the needs of the masses, and making a difference one person at a time. The workers at Catholic Charities understand this better than most, as they dedicate their time and energy to helping children and families in crisis meet their basic needs.

Years of Giving

Catholic Charities Community Services found its beginning in the early 1930s, around the end of the Great Depression. Their original office was opened in downtown Phoenix. Since then, their volunteers and staff have been taking steps to improve the lives of those in central and northern Arizona communities. They provide an extensive range of services to both children and adults that assist those facing a variety of problems — homelessness, domestic violence, sex trafficking, refugee resettlement, and more.

Strong Leadership Brings Strong Results

An organization is only as effective as those working for it, and Catholic Charities has a team committed to its mission and values. Paul Mulligan, MBA, the current President and CEO of the organization, has been working with Catholic Charities for 7 years. Having grown up attending Catholic schools, it’s easy to see why he would be passionate about his work. Prior to working for Catholic Charities, Mulligan was President and CEO of Catholic Education Arizona — helping to make high-quality Catholic education accessible to Arizona families. Nancy Padberg, MBA, the current President and CEO of Catholic Education Arizona, serves on the Board of Directors for Catholic Charities.

Ways You Can Help

There are numerous ways that community members can get involved with the good that Catholic Charities is doing. There is always the opportunity to direct funds towards the organization through tax credits, but it doesn’t stop there. You can donate your car to the organization! They will come to pick your vehicle up and give it to those in need. They take cars in any condition, and it’s a tax-deductible process. Through their legacy giving, you can continue to make a difference even after you’ve passed on. Those directing funds for the tax credit can stack their Catholic Charities tax credit contribution with dollar-for-dollar tax credits for other organizations, such as Catholic Education Arizona.

Catholic Charities has been bringing creative and permanent solutions to vulnerable community members for years. With support from those in the community who are fortunate enough to provide it, they can continue their mission well into the future. To find out more about donating time, money, or vehicles, visit their website at

To learn more about tax credit contributions that impact students and Catholic schools through scholarships, visit or contact Catholic Education Arizona at 602 218-6542.