Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The new year is upon us, heat and all!  We have been busy acquiring both individual and corporate new tax credit contributors, appreciating our loyal contributors for their continued support, and marketing to the community at large to spread the message of our important work.  All of our integrated marketing strategies have helped us break our record for contributions in FY21!  What made this accomplishment possible?

Not the work of one individual, but from our entire team.  A small but mighty team of nine, working day in and day out for our Mission:

We provide scholarships for underserved children to change lives, serve society, and transform culture.

Our healthy culture, flexibility and desire to serve our families, schools and contributors have worked together and helped thousands of students have access to the educational option that best meets their needs.  Our families were notified of their scholarship awards earlier than ever before, to help them plan for the upcoming school year, with enthusiasm and excitement, and hopefully a little less stress!

We have much more to do.  Our corporate commitments are coming in, and we are beyond grateful, yet the need of our families continues to increase as a result of the past year.  We sincerely ask for your help educating those you know about the ease of taking all of the tax credits, and the benefits of quality education on the future of Arizona and our nation.  We are only a phone call away, or a short trip to 16th Street and Missouri Avenue, and are ready to speak to anyone who wants to join our CEA family.

Together, we can continue to change lives, one scholarship at a time!

Stay involved, and stay cool😊