Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.
—F. Scott Fitzgerald

Welcome to Fall, where cooler temperatures, beautiful mornings and amazing sunsets are ours to embrace. Arizona offers such beauty and is just one of the many reasons to reside here. Arizona also offers freedoms not available in all 50 states, including the ability to chose how a portion of our state tax dollars are spent to support causes dear to us as Catholics.

Frequently I am asked about how CEA helps those “in need”.

Need is defined in a variety of ways. Our primary needs include the need for food, clothing and shelter. To most of us, these needs are easily accessible. However, to many more, they are not. Thank you to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul that makes its’ mission to feed, clothe, house and heal and work tirelessly each day to help end the cycle of poverty.

Our secondary needs include the need for health and safety. We don’t want to worry about intruders in our homes, eviction notices, or contracting a deadly disease. We yearn for comfort and stability and the ability to provide a quality education in a safe and stable environment for our children. At Catholic Education Arizona, your tax dollars can help provide the education every child deserves, regardless of their family’s income, at ultimately no cost to you through a simple direction of your tax credit dollars!

Our social and spiritual needs are the desire to belong and be loved as well as develop a personal relationship with God. Family, friendship and community are important for people to satisfy their social and spiritual needs. Spiritual needs also include the need for meaning and purpose, as well as the need for forgiveness, creativity and hope. Catholic Charities and the Foundation for Senior Living help vulnerable people in Arizona, helping miracles to happen every day in our community.

As the season of charitable giving approaches, let’s remember to maximize our Arizona tax dollars by “stacking our tax credits” and supporting all our worthy causes. Through individuals and corporations working together, we will continue to change lives, serve society and together, transform culture!