Happy New Year!

2023 is here!  A time for new beginnings, and resolutions if they suit you.  I believe in setting intentions for the New Year and am honored to share them with you:

Embrace Change

The need for change can be difficult to admit. There is great power in realization to ourselves, to God, and to others. Owning our mistakes is the first step on the road to something greater, and the rejuvenation received from letting go of fear and negativity is empowering.

Reflect and Plan

When we change our calendars, it is also a good time for reflection.  How did it the previous year go? Was it the way I wanted it to be?  Do I need to do anything differently this year? This New Year presents opportunity to learn from our successes and failures and determine our course for the upcoming year. It is an excellent time to stop looking back and begin looking forward. Never stop trying!

Faith First

The New Year is a time to focus on our faith and the grace of God. Trust in God’s strength and guidance and renew your faith whatever it may be, in something that calls for all of us to work for the greater good.  If this last year you didn’t have the spiritual relationship with our Lord as much as you should have, there is no time like the present to make this a priority.

Finally, the New Year is a time for self-care.  Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health should be planned and practiced in 2023, to provide the best opportunities for success throughout our lives.  So take that walk, read that novel, increase your Mass attendance, and spend quality time with friends and family.  Above all else, know that I am grateful for you, and wish you the best that 2023 has to offer.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!