Why did your corporation decide to work with CEA through the Low-Income Corporate Tax Credit?

“At CCMC, we believe strongly in giving back to enhance the lives of those living in and around the communities we serve. In 2017, we formalized these efforts and created our HomeWorks charitable giving program. Our giving strategy prioritizes partnerships with organizations that are important to our employees and support local education. CEA was an excellent fit for both!”

This year your corporation decided to commit to a Disabled/Displaced(DD) Tax Credit as well as a Low-Income Tax Credit. What made your company interested in DD?

“Working with communities means working with families, and we’ve witnessed families across the country overcome all kinds of extraordinary circumstances. The DD Tax Credit was an opportunity for us to help fund more scholarships for deserving students, and we want our contributions to make the greatest impact possible.”

What sets your business apart from other similar businesses in our community?

“At CCMC, our unique brand of community association management is about human connectivity. Over 900 team members currently serve more than 165,000 households across 220 of the nation’s most successful master-planned communities. Since 1973, we have been in the business of transforming the way people experience neighborhood life. We want people to absolutely love where they live!”

“Our purpose is to create experiences that connect people in the neighborhoods where they live and the offices where we work. Engagement is our top priority. To achieve this, we deliver personalized service, encourage leaders to be their best, and infuse life with fun. This turns households into homes, and neighbors into friends.”

“Our HomeWorks program allows us to intentionally engage with the greater community in a variety of meaningful ways.”

Does your corporation show support in our community in other ways?

“We do! Through HomeWorks, we provide financial and volunteer support to a variety of organizations across the country that prevent homelessness and promote education. Our team members receive eight hours of paid volunteer time off each year. They can use this time for team service activities or personal causes. Our people are passionate about service, and it’s beautiful to see how many organizations we can touch through their efforts.”