Why did your corporation decide to work with CEA through the Low-Income Corporate Tax Credit?

“We researched the various ‘STOs’ and received some external referrals. CEAZ really stood out. We were happy with what we learned and moved forward with them [CEAZ]. It gives us a great opportunity to make available this dynamic education to those less fortunate.”

Your corporation has worked with CEA for a couple of years, what brings you back every year?

“Knowing that they have the admin to take care of our donations, their follow-up and support!”

Do you find the tax credit process to be easy? Why?

“Quite easy, actually; because they at CEA know the process very well.”

What sets your dealerships apart from other dealerships within the community?

“Look around at the community and business dynamics of “now” vs. “then”   …back when we started 68+ years ago, everyone had their name on the buildings. A business was usually a FAMILY business.

Look around now and there aren’t so many family names left. So, we’re more than a company – we’re a family that is born and raised right here, that is vested in making our employees, friends, neighbors, guests and surrounding communities a close(r)-knit group.

These communities built us – and so we are invested in building them…helping them. There is a lot that is “noble” about “No Bull” and a whole lot of “heart” in “Earnhardt”.  And we’re more than “Family Owned”… we’re “family-involved” – with 3 generations of Earnhardts actively present and involved in the business (and the 4th on the way…once they finish school, of course!)

There are over 150 big dealer groups in the USA and we are ranked 18th among them; based right here in Arizona [and the Southwest, with 2 locations in Las Vegas]. Our roots are here and our commitments are here and that is much different than others with whom we compete.  For us, selling and servicing cars keeps us in business but staying connected to our community keeps us going!”

Does your dealership show support within our community in other ways outside the tax credit?

“We certainly do! We refer to it as “No Bull Charity.” Many of our employees voluntarily donate portions of their paychecks to charitable causes; we pick 4 a year and donate each quarter to someone different. Each year we also run a bicycle-drive for Foster kids. We donate to pediatric medicine via Phoenix Children’s Hospital. We support the families of fallen First-Responders in sponsorships and partnerships with the 100 Club of Arizona. We’ve run Pet-Adoption events at our dealerships to help shelter and rescue animals. We also support dozens of high schools and their extracurricular activities. Each of our dealerships will often also generate their own community-driven philanthropic promotions. For example, right now Earnhardt Hyundai in Avondale, AZ is giving away a car in return for toy donations that will benefit Boys and Girls Club of Metro Phoenix. Big or small, giving back is important to us and we try to be mindful of it and do it as much as possible. Some of our Executives even carry cards that we associate to good deeds known as “No Bull Random Acts of Kindness” – so if they are ordering a coffee or lunch somewhere, they may pay for the person behind them and simply leave the card with cashier so that the next customer gets  this card saying they’ve been presented a “Random Act of Kindness” from Earnhardt, then asking them to “Pay it Forward” in some aspect of their life.

On top of all of that, the Earnhardts are involved with various charitable efforts and Boards in the Valley – including The Thunderbirds, the Chandler Compadres and The PCH 50.”