Pictured left to right: Nancy Padberg, CEA President & CEO; Colleen McCoy-Cejka, CEA Director of Strategic Partnerships; Lance Venable, Attorney and CEA Corporate Partner; Victor Serna, Principal of Seton Catholic Prep; Caitlin Wooten, CEA Finance Manager

Making Catholic Education Accessible and Affordable!

 At a breakfast at Seton Catholic Prep on January 22, 2020 , Lance shared his experience as both a corporate CEA partner that supports Seton Catholic Prep and a Catholic school student in the Archdiocese of Chicago.  Lance shared that his years in Catholic school shaped him and made him who he is. Through his partnership with CEA and Seton, he hopes to provide the same life-changing experience for others that his Catholic education gave him.


Why did your corporation decide to work with CEA through the Low-Income Corporate Tax Credit?


My children have attended Catholic schools K-12.  My wife and I have personally benefited from the tax credit and have assisted others personally by donating to CEA and the various tuition tax credit scholarship organizations.  When the opportunity presented itself with corporations being able to participate, it was a no-brainer decision to participate for me as a business owner.


What brings you back to CEA every year?


I know the good that it does to help families who want to have their children attend Catholic schools who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend.  I personally have benefited immensely from receiving a K-12 Catholic education and want to help others have a similar experience.


What sets your business apart from other similar businesses in our community?


I’m not sure I know the answer to that question.  I am a solo practitioner who practices intellectual property law.  I have been an attorney for 25 years and I love what I do.  I think that comes across in my relationships with my clients.  It’s hard to make comparisons, but previous clients say very nice things about their experiences with me on my website. My clients trust me, and I work hard for each of them.  http://www.venableiplaw.com/attorney-profile/testimonials/


Does your corporation show support in our community in other ways?


I personally volunteer my time as a mediator and judge to help people resolve their disputes and avoid spending significant amounts of money to go to court.  I also volunteer as a scorekeeper for the Seton Catholic baseball program.  My primary source of monetary support is for Seton Catholic through CEA.