Justin Bayless, President and CEO

Why do you partner with Catholic Education Arizona?
Catholic Education Arizona has been a great partner for us in allowing the organization to participate in the Arizona tax credit program. This means we can direct funds to St. Mary’s High School to help other students have the same experience I had. St. Mary’s emphasized helping those less fortunate, and for me, it’s been important to collaborate with Catholic Education Arizona to help St. Mary’s students in need.

What sets your business apart from other similar businesses in our community?
Bayless Integrated Healthcare’s focus on the mind and body is the core tenet that sets us apart from similar businesses in Arizona. Also important though are our technology capabilities and ability to deliver primary care and mental health services through our virtual care platform. Additionally, we offer patients a level of access and affordability, contracting with all major insurance carriers, including AHCCCS and Medicare. We have the ability to serve everyone, all parts of our community, not just certain sectors.

What impact did Catholic education have on your life and career goals?
The thing that impacted me the most from my experience at St. Mary’s High School was the discipline I honed there. Being required to wear a uniform, commit to a neat appearance, and perform well both academically and socially helped me develop the discipline to succeed in college and professionally.

Another important factor for me was St. Mary’s encouragement to excel in all aspects of life, not just one part of it. The school was dedicated to ensuring it produced well-rounded students, requiring participation in extracurriculars, pursuing academic excellence, and ensuring students gave back through community service. That goal of creating multidimensional students has played an incredible role in my life, especially as I look at how we take care of people’s total health – body and mind – at Bayless Integrated Healthcare.

Finally, St. Mary’s had classes like “Introduction to Finance” and “Junior Economics” that I really enjoyed. I looked forward to these classes each week because they never felt like work, and in my spare time, I found myself following the stock market and talking about business news with my parents. Those classes fostered my passion for business, and I remember thinking, “I could really be good at this.” That had a direct impact on my career path.

An important part of Catholic education is instilling in students a commitment to serving the underserved. That philosophy stays with me today, and I am so proud to see Bayless Integrated Healthcare’s dedication to ensuring that care is accessible to everyone.