From Lynelle Reynolds, Vice President/Owner

Why do you partner with Catholic Education Arizona?

I believe a Catholic education is one of the best you can receive. The learning experience is well rounded – academic studies, life studies, and spiritual studies. They promote good citizenship and helps give the students a good moral compass. I am a product of the Catholic education system and really appreciate all it gave to me.

What impact did Catholic education have on your life and career goals?

One major impact is that I was taught to love myself first, behind the Trinity, because in that way I would be able to love as God wants us to. By being educated in a Catholic school, God was up front and personal giving you a healthy spiritual mind set as you venture through your life. Academics, without saying, was above par along with the discipline learned to follow through.

What sets your business apart from other similar businesses in our community?

Foot Solutions is a medically-coded retail store. Our staff, consisting of pedorthists, help our clients obtain optimal foot comfort.

Pedorthics is the management and treatment of conditions of the foot, ankle, and lower extremities requiring fitting, fabricating, and adjusting of pedorthic devices. Pedorthists select and modify footwear to help people maintain or regain as much mobility as possible. That makes footwear a crucial part of your recommended treatment plan.

A pedorthist may cast for orthotics, an important component of footwear that can support, relieve specific conditions, and improve the foot’s function. In addition to casting for an appropriate orthotic, our pedorthists provide personalized attention in selecting, fitting, and modifying shoes so that you can wear the orthotic effectively taking into account your activities of daily living, and treatment goals..