What brings you back to CEA every year?

The education plus all of the other experiences that our youth today receive from the Catholic education system. This is borne out by the irrefutable facts regarding graduation rates and the percentage of students going on to post-secondary schools. Sunwest Bank recognizes the benefits of helping as many of today’s youth stay off the streets, get a great education and become prepared for a prosperous life that includes not only education but a solid foundation of faith.

You have been with us for 9 years. What has your overall experience been like? Are we easy to work with? Is the process overall easy? Do others ask you about your experiences?

Our experience working with the CEA team has been unbelievable. EVERYONE at CEA is committed to the CEA cause and the support for our youth who would not be able to attend a parochial. The “experience” and “processes” are so easy, it’s a wonder why ALL businesses don’t get involved with the tax program. I talk advantage of every chance to inform others about the tax program and our long term support.

What sets Sunwest apart from other banks in the area?

We are considered a “regional” bank that is large enough to compete with the bigger banks, but small enough to still want to develop long term, lasting relationships. We are able to access decision makers and senior management with just a phone call. They are eager to meet the Bank’s clients and understand the local markets that we serve so that we can be quick to react to the needs of our clients.

How else does Sunwest support our community?

Sunwest Bank has been and always will be a very philanthropic bank. Support is given to organizations like CEA who are committed to improving the lives of families in those areas we serve. In addition to dollars given through grants and donations, our Arizona Sunwest Bank team members are involved in many organizations by volunteering at different events, serving on boards, and just giving of personal time to help others not as fortunate as we are.

This year, you included the new high school, John Paul II, as one of your designated schools. What drew you in to supporting that particular school?

The decision was very difficult. There are so many options to support the Catholic schools, but because St John Paul II is new and their student base seems to have a large percentage of youth from lower income families, they were the obvious choice for our support.

Photo: Nancy Padberg, President and CEO with Andy Phillips, Market President