It is fulfilling to know that your individual tax credit contribution is helping families afford quality, Catholic education for their children. How much more rewarding could it be to know that your contribution could be doubled or even tripled?

Many businesses sponsor matching gift programs as part of their corporate philanthropy. Contributions made by their employees and retirees can be matched, doubled or in some cases tripled, making an even larger impact on the lives of students! Last year, 123 individuals from 57 companies participated in this program resulting in over $151,000!

James A. Barasha, Vice President and Senior Financial Advisor at Merrill, a Bank of America Company, is a loyal tax credit contributor who participates in the Employee Matching Program that his company offers.

“Giving to organizations such as CEA, Leslie and I have found self-rewarding as it makes us feel good and it helps strengthen our family values. I can’t speak for Bank of America but I’m positive it shares with all its employees to be responsible members within our communities. I have personally found the matching process at Bank of America to be very supporting and simple to use. We look forward to making future donations.”

Do you want to find out if your employer offers a matching gift program? We make it easy!

  1. Simply visit our website and click “Matching Gift Companies” under the “Donor” tab.
  2. Use the search field and enter the company name in the designated field.
  3. Select your company’s name from the list which indicates a matching gift program may be available.
  4. Once eligibility is determined, you will receive a link to follow in order to complete a matching gift form. Each company process may vary slightly.

Follow this link to learn if your individual contribution is eligible for a matching gift from your employer!

If you have any further questions, please contact your HR representative, call our office at 602-218-6542 or you can email us at