As a Chief Executive Officer at Capital Insight Partners in Scottsdale, Arizona, Steve Nelson (CFA) is deeply versed in financial portfolio management and how charitable contributions can support the community. Steve Nelson’s past roles include serving as a youth minister and on the board of the Catholic Community Foundation in Phoenix. Read on below for Steve Nelson’s discussion with Nancy Padberg, MBA, and Deb Preach of Catholic Education Arizona.

Supporting Arizona Students and Future Leaders

Of the almost 60 million children who attended schools in 2016, nearly 2 million of them attended Catholic schools, according to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. As a graduate of the University of St. Thomas, Steve is also familiar with the value of Catholic education.

Steve understands that even small contributions such as the church setting 1% of its income and 1% of revenue aside for endowments, could have a huge impact on the lives of others. By redirecting tax dollars toward Catholic education, future leaders can be supported, and their development can be fostered. Capital Insight Partners hopes to create more wealth and larger tax liability, which will help people to redirect tax dollars to Catholic Education Arizona and other Catholic charities.

The Power of Corporate Tax Credits

Tax Credits are a cost-friendly way to support the community. Besides individual tax credits, corporate tax credits also provide an opportunity to invest in Catholic schools. Businesses that file as an S or C Corporations and insurance companies that pay premium tax are able to direct 100% of their state tax liability to Catholic schools in the form of tuition scholarships.

Furthermore, contributors can designate one or multiple Catholic schools or Catholic Education Arizona’s general scholarship fund, serving Catholic schools that have the highest need. As Deb Preach mentions in this podcast episode, her organization has been helping to support families for generations and are to support quality education and give back to others.

To learn more about Capital Insight Partners can visit their website, Additionally, to learn more about the organization’s prayer fund visit If you’d like to learn more about Catholic Education Arizona or how you can support Catholic education through Arizona tax credits, then please contact us today.