It has always been the mission of the Catholic church to provide outreach to the community that surrounds it. Whether this is directly from churches themselves or from programs that they support, Catholic charities and community programs account for much of the service that reaches those who are in need in the United States.

What about Catholic schools? How is Catholic education helping these underserved groups and communities? With an inaccurate reputation for exclusivity, many may believe that Catholic education does little to help those in need. However, Catholic schools are actually some of the most effective organizations building and serving these communities.

Here’s how:

Meeting Students and Families Where They are

  • Around 70% of families whose children attend private Catholic schools fall below the federal poverty line.
  • Over 80% of children who attend these schools are considered a minority in some way or come from a non-traditional family.
  • Around one-third of those who send their children to Catholic school are not Catholic themselves, but are willing to participate in Catholic traditions and religious education.

Note: general national stats

The idea of meeting students and families where they are rather than expecting them to meet specific societal standards is what makes today’s Catholic schools perfect for providing quality education – to everyone that seeks a Christ-centered environment.

Providing Excellent Education to All Students

It is not enough to simply accept all types of students and families at a private, Catholic school. For these schools to achieve excellence, they must also provide quality education to all students.

Today’s Catholic schools meet the needs of the underserved by not only giving the average student the best possible education, but going above and beyond to tailor the educational experience of each student. Whether it’s special education, gifted and talented programs, adaptive technology for specific learning needs, or something else entirely, modern Catholic schools are rising to the challenges of diverse student bodies and meeting the needs of every student, every day.

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