For the 56.6 million students attending elementary, middle, and high school across the United States, the ultimate goal is graduation. There’s nothing like walking across that stage in front of family and friends, celebrating academic accomplishments. It’s the culmination of years of hard work as well as the close of an important life chapter. Soon, the student will be onto their next grand adventure, whether that’s attending a 4-year university, enrolling in the military, or going to a trade school.

Whatever the next chapter may be, getting there is largely influenced by the quality of their elementary and secondary education experience. Without an environment that fosters academic advancement and teachers who are committed to their education, students will have a hard time achieving their goals. Catholic schools tend to see high rates of graduating students compared to public schools and even other private schools. Let’s take a look at how the types of schools compare and how you can help children in Arizona get a high-quality Catholic education that will change the trajectory of their lives.

Graduation Statistics: Catholic Schools vs. Private and Public Schools

According to the Council for American Private Education (CAPE), private schools have much higher graduation rates than public schools, with Catholic schools performing even better. While the national public high school graduation rate is about 84%, in the Diocese of Phoenix, the high school graduation rate is 99.4%.

College enrollment also differs significantly between Catholic schools, private schools, and public schools. About 69% of public school graduates go on to some form of higher education. In the Diocese of Phoenix, 97% of students go on to higher education, trade school, or military service. The team at Catholic Education Arizona is proud to have a hand in helping the students at the schools in the Diocese of Phoenix succeed.

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By directing your state tax liability to Catholic Education Arizona, you can help underserved students receive scholarships to Catholic schools in the Diocese of Phoenix. These scholarships allow students to receive a high-quality education, graduate successfully, and attend colleges and universities. Learn more about how you can put your tax dollars to good use by contacting CEA today. Visit or call 602 218-6542 to learn more about how you can help create future leaders.