The quality of your child’s teachers is one of the most important factors related to their student’s achievement. While a new study has found that private and public school teachers both provide the same level of teaching quality for their students, according to Public School Review, the learning environment in private schools may be better suited to your child.

How does private schooling impact your child’s learning quality? Here, we’ll take a deeper dive into why many parents opt for Catholic scholarships to send their children to private schools.

Smaller Learning Groups

According to the National Catholic Educational Association, approximately 18.7% of Catholic school students aren’t Catholic. This is because many parents will want their children to receive the benefits of a quality Catholic school education. One of the key benefits of private Catholic school education is a smaller learning group. While public school classrooms may have classes of up to 35 kids at a time, a private school typically has smaller class sizes. This allows for a quieter learning environment and more one on one time for each student with their teacher when they are needing help.  

Real World Applications

Another key reason why parents may opt for Catholic scholarships to send their children to a private school is that private Catholic schools urge local community involvement. Students can learn in the classroom and then apply their knowledge to the real world and get involved in their local communities. This can help nurture their love of learning and inspire them by seeing how their work in the classroom applies to the real world and helps those around them.

Specialized Programs

Private schools often have specialized programs that some public schools don’t have the same access to. These programs may include math and science programs, advanced reader programs, special education programs, and even space-related programs. These programs can not only advance your child’s education but also boost their love of learning by challenging them in unique ways.

If you’re thinking of signing your child up for a private Catholic school education, don’t hesitate to reach out to Catholic Education Arizona to learn more about Catholic scholarships and how Arizona tuition tax credits can support your child’s education. Contact us today!

Posted: 3/13/23