Thousands of Arizona taxpayers direct their tax credit to support private, Catholic education, a privilege that not every state has.

Thousands of Arizona taxpayers direct their tax credit to support private, Catholic education. However, there are limits to the amount that an individual or married couple can claim on their state tax return as a tax credit. Thanks to companies that offer matching gifts as part of their philanthropic efforts, your tax credit has the ability to be doubled or even tripled, making an even larger impact!

Matching gifts allow generous employers to match the contributions of their employees – and double or even further multiply the benefits that their employees bring to the children and families they are supporting when they take the tax credit!

How do Matching Gifts Work?

Many Arizona employers sponsor programs that will double, triple, or otherwise multiply the impact of an employee’s gift to a charitable or non-profit cause including private education. Additionally, some employers even match the charitable contributions of retirees from their ranks! Typically, gifts are matched dollar for dollar with proof of contribution – and best of all, at no cost to the employee or retiree who made the original contribution!

If an employer does not currently sponsor one of these programs, securing a matching contribution can be as simple as requesting participation. If you are unsure whether your employer offers a Matching Gift program, simply ask, send the Matching Gift form to CEA with your contribution, and we will do the rest!

How Do I Know if My Employer Matches Contributions?

There many employers across the state who have previously contributed or have a standing agreement to match contributions by employees, retirees, or both. These can be found by searching the database on the Catholic Education Arizona website.

For more information about Catholic education in Arizona, tax credit maximization, matching gifts and more, contact Catholic Education Arizona today.