Dear Friends,

With gratitude, appreciation, and prayer I wish our students, parents, pastors, principals, faculties and staffs an abundant new school year. We all have been students or leaders in some way in our lives. We have learned and practiced patience, trust, understanding, and mostly we have learned the power of prayer and our deep faith that sustains us each day.

As we welcome Bishop John P. Dolan to our Diocese of Phoenix, I was thinking about his Installment homily last week. I was especially moved by the call to Catholics and all people to “Be Good. Be Loved. Be Blessed.” To me it feels and sounds like great joy and deep happiness – let nothing shake you. To be in a spiritual state of well-being. To this I say Amen.

We are participating in the following Catholic school events, hope to see you there!

  • Seton College Prep’s an Evening in Cactus Country Gala – September 10, 2022
  • Bourgade High School’s Golf Tournament – September 15, 2022

We are grateful to all the Corporations and Individuals who have contributed their Arizona tax dollars for quality education. You are making a difference, investing in students, families, communities and ultimately creating – future leaders!

Note the Low-Income Corporate Tax Credit is still available to claim. If you file as an     S or C Corporation, or are an insurance company that pays premium tax, contact me to learn more at

Individuals, you can take your Arizona tax credits with one payment, or monthly / bi-monthly through our Scheduled Pay program with payroll deduction by completing the A4-C form or call us at 602-218-6542 to learn more.

Reminder to listen or watch our Vodcasts, we have had the great pleasure of interviewing Paul Mulligan, CEO, Catholic Charities, Shannon Clancy, CEO, St. Vincent de Paul, Tamara Bohannon, CEO, Foundation for Senior Living, Jeff McQueen, CEO, Shea Homes and Jeff Mirasola, Director, Lumen Technologies, Amy Pfeifer, ED, Boys Hope Girls Hope, Dave Pratt, CEO Star Worldwide Networks, Todd Bankofier, Board Chair, Catholic Education Arizona

God Bless,