Dear Friends,

We have so much to be grateful for at Catholic Education Arizona. We are thankful to live in a school choice state that allows parents to select educational options that best suit their children’s needs.

As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we are pleased to share our community impact includes awarding $313 million dollars through 148,000 tuition scholarships! With a graduation rate of 99.4% and matriculation rate of 97% to higher education, trade school or military service – your tax credits are helping us create future leaders!

We were delighted to sponsor the Diocese of Phoenix “Night of Hope” event last week. As a Guardian of Hope, we know our funds will assist families with emergency tuition need in our Catholic schools. There seems to be confusion in the market about education contribution options.

For clarity:

  • Catholic Education Arizona – Individual or Corporate Tax Credits (underserved student tuition needs)
  • Catholic School Support 365/Night of Hope – (Diocese of Phoenix) – Charitable Deduction (emergency need)

Each day, we continue to educate our friends and business colleagues about the best kept secret in Arizona: Dollar for dollar Arizona Corporate Tax Credits. Please encourage your CPA, landscaper, doctor, veterinarian, realtor, insurance broker and favorite restaurant to participate with their Arizona corporate tax credit. Currently, there is still $10.5 million available for corporations to claim.

Call 602-218-6542 or visit to learn more or send me an email

Reminder: Catholic Education Arizona contribution revenue streams include:

  • Individual Tax Credits
  • Corporate Tax Credits
  • Donations
  • Matching Gifts

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!

Thank you for your support, we are grateful for you.

God Bless,

Nancy Padberg, MBA
President and CEO