Bryan was born, educated, and married in Scotland.

Bryan retired as a Corporate Vice President of a Fortune 150 company; his international career in positions as CFO and in General Management has spanned living and working in the Middle East and Africa, as well Los Angeles, Washington DC, and London.
Bryan is married to his childhood sweetheart, Marel. Paradise Valley is, now, their year-round residence.

Bryan’s retirement years are focused on education… firstly as a faculty member and coach on the MBA program at ASU, for six years. During that same period, Bryan completed over 5 years on the Board of Catholic Community Foundation culminating with the formation of the Needs Based Scholarship Program. A few months ago, Bryan accepted a position on the Diocesan School Board.

Why is Catholic Education Arizona important to Catholic schools?

The graduation rate from Catholic schools is 99.5%. Without a scholarship from Catholic Education Arizona, 50% of today’s students could not attend our Catholic schools… thereby, limiting themselves to the lower academic standards in public schools and bringing their faith formation to an end at a crucial point in their development.

Why is Catholic Education Arizona important to families?

Financial stress is, usually, a multi-generational problem and can be attributed to lack of employment opportunities. Education can break the economic cycle by providing an escape from this situation. Affordability, through Catholic Education Arizona, can lead to academic success and continued devotion to our Catholic faith.

Why is Catholic Education Arizona important to you?

I benefited from an education program similar to Catholic Education Arizona, in my homeland of Scotland. Therefore, I feel compelled to help create future evangelists for Christ and future financial contributors to the Catholic Education Arizona program. In this way, we save souls, today, and build families for the future.