Originally from Chicago, Kelley and her family moved to Phoenix in 1972. She attended St. Vincent de Paul grade school and Bourgade Catholic High School.

Kelley holds a BS in Finance and a BA in Communications from the WP Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. She has worked as CFO and Director of Administration at Baker Bros Flooring for 17 years.

She is mother to two daughters and grandmother to two grand boys. She has two brothers. Her brother Tom lives outside of Dallas and Kevin lives here in Phoenix.

Kelley attends St. Theresa Parish and is an avid cook and a marginal golfer.

Why is Catholic Education Arizona important to Catholic schools?

Kelley believes Catholic schools provide a quality, faith-based education to students. They also provide a community and sanctuary that public schools just don’t have. But the cost to attend for many families is prohibitive. No family should be denied the ability to attend a Catholic school because they cannot afford it. The scholarships CEA provides to these families are instrumental in allowing kids to have the quality education every child is entitled to.

Why is Catholic Education Arizona important to families?

As the board President at her alma mater Bourgade Catholic High School since 2017, Kelley saw firsthand the impact CEA had on the students and their families at Bourgade. 100% of the kids at Bourgade needed financial assistance of some sort. Without the help of CEA, a large population of the students may not have been able to attend Bourgade and receive the quality Catholic education their families so desired. Many of the kids were the first in their family to attend college, this made possible by CEA.

Why is Catholic education important to me?

Kelley is the product of twelve years of Catholic education. She feels her time at Catholic school formed her into the well-rounded adult she is today. The quality education, the depth of her faith, quality of connections (she is still friends with people she knew in first grade) all attributed to her time in Catholic schools.