Creating future leaders through Arizona tax credits allows individuals and corporations to create student scholarships. This makes quality education accessible for anyone who desires it because everyone deserves it. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there were 5.8 million children in private education in 2019, all of which deserve equal opportunities. In this episode, Steve Nelson, the CEO of Capital Insight Partners, speaks on the importance of creating wealth to serve the mission of the church.

Who Is Steve Nelson?

Steve Nelson works for Capital Insight Partners as a subadvisor to Christian Value Stock Fund (PRAY), managing portfolios for individuals and businesses across the nation. This fund launched on the stock exchange in February of 2022. Steve was a youth minister as well as an administrator of ceremonies under a bishop in St. Paul, MN, served on multiple boards, got his undergraduate degree at St. Johns University, and got his master’s from St. Thomas. He enjoys joining his faith with his knowledge of creating wealth to launch this Christian values fund. He is also a big advocate for his wife’s life mission, to educate those on the crucial part animals can play in human health.

PRAY’s Unique Fund

PRAY is not the first of its kind, but this industry is still very new and found few and far between. Uniquely, this fund focuses on risk management for any size company in all parts of the globe. PRAY is an exchange-traded fund, meaning anyone can buy it off the New York Stock Exchange and is currently priced at a little over $24 a share. Steve emphasized the need to endow, especially since the Catholic church has been around for roughly 2,000 years, and yet every year, the Vatican is in need of funding. As an investment professional, he strives to educate on this need to fund ministries in order for them to persist throughout time.

This idea is segmented into the need to plan for the future, particularly through Catholic education. Throughout the generations, the Catholic church has needed this support and education in order for the message to persist. Catholic Education Arizona supports this education by using tax credits to give that quality education to those in need. Many corporations and insurance companies have the ability to take 100 percent of their state tax liability and direct it to these schools through tuition scholarships. With the tax liability cap set by the state, there is still room for more corporations to direct these taxes to CEA. Give Catholic Education Arizona a call today to learn more about how you can use tuition tax credits to further a child’s education at a Catholic school.