St. Gregory Catholic School is a school that strives to work with families to ensure that in all facets of their lives, children are being brought up with Catholic values and faith. Parents are the primary educators of their children and the faculty and staff at St. Gregory Catholic School recognize that their most important role is to aid parents in instilling a desire and love for truth to foster their children’s spiritual, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.

Located in Phoenix, the focus on family at St. Gregory has created a large community with a commitment to excellence in education. Many current students at St. Gregory are children and grandchildren of St. Gregory alumni. Through tuition tax credits, children have been able to carry on the legacies of their families and receive scholarships to St. Gregory.

Living the Catholic Faith in Today’s World

St. Gregory Catholic School was founded on the principles and values of the Catholic faith. Since that founding in 1949, the school has strived to pursue excellence in education while living the Catholic faith in today’s modern world. About one in 10 Catholic teens attends a Catholic school, and by doing so they are able to get everything they need for a successful education while integrating Catholic values into their daily lives.

Currently, Interim Principal Rachel Gatson leads the school in achieving this balance. St. Gregory teaches children from preschool to eighth grade and has an enrollment of about 380 students. The faculty and staff at St Gregory assist students in achieving their ultimate goal, total union with God. One of the primary student learning expectations is to be an active faith follower of Christ, meaning that they have knowledge of the Catholic faith, practice their spirituality, and actively participate in their community. Throughout their time at St. Gregory, students are encouraged to provide charity through service projects in their community.

Children of All Abilities Achieve Academic Excellence

St. Gregory faculty and staff are committed to helping every student succeed. The school offers programs to assist students of all abilities so that every child can reach their academic potential. A full-time special education teacher ensures that exceptional learners receive the support they need in their education.

Students who attend St Gregory are encouraged to be critical and independent thinkers. They are taught research, study skills, technology, and organizational skills so that they can apply their abstract and critical thinking to any discipline. Whether participating in athletics, clubs, and theatre or working on their academic studies, students are taught effectively communicate and social skills so that they always display the best manners possible.

Want to Help Create Future Leaders at St. Gregory Catholic School?

You can help children become self-disciplined learners, effective communicators, critical thinkers, and active faith followers of Christ by directing your state tax credits to Catholic Education Arizona. CEA provides scholarships to underserved students who want to attend Catholic schools like St. Gregory. Contact CEA today to support quality, Catholic Education at St. Gregory and other schools that teach children the value of Catholic charity, education, and community. Contact CEA to learn more at or call 602-218-6542.